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Permanent Contour - pure nature – the new world of stamp massages ▼

Feel, experience, marvel...

On this special massage for the face and body with steamed stamps the valuable active substances are brought in deep into the skin. The treatment is rounded off with matching special oils and very effective ingredients – just pure natural products.

Permanent Contour Face

Permanent Contour face

for a equable, relaxed and smooth appearance of skin

Special developed massage technology for the face & décolletage with different stamps. This warm massage lends your skin a pleasant relaxed and smooth feeling.


30 minutes € 45,-


Permanent Contour Slim Line

Permanent Contour Slim line

for perfect legs

With warm soapy lather, a unique massage technology, refreshing oils and prickling ice bags this treatment is a true freshness kick for weary and feebly legs.


25 minutes € 39,-


Old India whole body – stamp massage

Old India whole body – stamp massage

for deep relaxation and internal rest

This modern whole body stamp massage is a true experience for all senses. With steamed herb stamps, made of pure natural products it is a totaly new kind of relaxation and a great skin feeling. Tensions will be released and there is a pleasant long lasting relaxation for the whole boy.


50 minutes € 65,-



Permanent Contour is an internationally registered trademark of Kurland and has recently received the European Health & Spa Award as Best Signature Body Treatment.

Kurland Immediate Beauty - facial treatment for women with showing results straight after use ▼

Freshness, vitality, pure relaxation, immediately visible – by using herbal serum of the Kurland brand and special Chinese massage techniques.

Purification, Chinese Facial Bath – Akkupressure massage, Peeling, Toning, intense beauty care, Maseke.
In addition a warm hay beauty pack on your belly is used to create an atmosphere of pure relaxation.


40 minutes
€ 69,-
Kurland Immediate PerforMANce - facial treatment for men with showing results straight after use ▼

Success and pressure at work are common issues today. Men are always on the go and there is hardly any time to relax.
You can’t really avoid stress showing in your facial features.

Immediate Performance is a facial treatment for successful men of today. In only a short period you will regain a feeling of revitalization and vitality.

Afterwards you will feel totally relaxed.


40 minutes € 69,-