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The predominant elements of the region are lovingly reflected in the "Pfleger Refugium":
the crystal clear, vitalising water, valuable herbs and oils are combined in soothing packs.
Enjoy the scent of Swiss stone pine wood and larch, the pleasant warmth of sheep's wool and the pleasant, calm atmosphere.


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Our wellness offers in detail


- our massage treatments

Classical massage

The classical massage is mainly used to prevent and treat muscular tension.

25 minutes € 36,- block of 5 € 162,-
50 minutes € 63,- block of 5 € 284,-
Sports massage

A powerful massage as a partial or full body treatment to relax tense or heavily stressed muscle areas.

25 minutes € 36,-
50 minutes € 63,-
Reflexology massage

Our feet are like a microcosm of our entire body.

They contain thousands of fine nerves that communicate with every organ and system of the body. Massaging the reflex zones leads to amazing results.

25 minutes € 36,-
"Stressless“ massage

Relaxing massage especially for the shoulder/neck area, including massage of head and face with Chinese acupuncture points.

25 minutes € 38,-
"From head to toe" - aroma massage

An intensive massage of the entire body, in which a special technique is also used to massage the elbows. This application also includes a very relaxing massage of the head, face and neck. Through the use of high-quality aromatic oil compositions, this massage is particularly relaxing for body and mind.

50 minutes € 67,-
Traditional Thai Yoga massage

...stands for a Thai massage technique, but means much more than that. It is a combination of acupressure, stretching (passive yoga), energy work and meditation and therefore always has the whole person in view.

The Thai massage is traditionally practiced dressed on a mat on the floor. The masseur and the treated person are on the same level. This allows the therapist to use his body weight optimally for the massage and to achieve a high therapeutic benefit through the transfer of pressure, strength and energy.

The massage is like a ritual and causes an almost meditative state of deep relaxation.

50 minutes € 67,-
Hand massage

Our hands do so much for us - do something for your hands, too.

Our hands have to withstand a wide variety of stresses and strains. They serve not only as gripping tools, but also for touching and feeling and are traversed by innumerable nerve tracts. Similar to the feet, the hands have reflex zones. Therefore, a hand massage can have an effect on the entire organism and also relieve tension in the shoulder and neck area.

Your hands are wrapped with herbal steam compresses at the beginning of the treatment, then loosened with special handles and massaged. For the care and regeneration of the skin, the treatment is carried out with a particularly nourishing and caring aroma oil mixture.

25 minutes € 39,-
Dry brush massage and aroma oil massage

For the improvement of the general well-being.

The dead upper cell layers of the skin are removed by the strong massage with a natural fiber brush. The pores open and the skin is better supplied with blood, thus it can fulfil its function as the most important metabolic and excretory organ better. At the same time, the entire nervous system is stimulated. Soon after the massage a pleasant warm feeling appears, and the skin gets a fresh and healthy appearance.

Finally your senses are enchanted with a soothing aromatic oil massage.

50 minutes € 67,-


- applications on the air suspension bed

Mountain pasture hay beauty pack

Take a hay bath in our floating daybed - a special event!

It relaxes your muscles and revitalises you. The cosy warmth of the hay beauty pack and the released ethereal oils activate your metabolism and detox your body.

25 minutes € 36,-
Natural mud beauty pack

For thousands of years mud has been formed out of herbs, seeds, trees, leaves, fruit and roots. During its long transformation a lot of nutrients and minerals are accumulated that the body can take in via the skin. For hundreds of years its use as a strengthening and vitalising natural ingredient for treatments has been documented.

Mud beauty packs increase the circulation, they are good for the metabolism, ease muscular tension and ease pain. They are also very effective against rheumatic diseases.

25 minutes € 38,-
Cleopatra body pack

The special active ingredients of goat's milk and natural oils nourish your skin, leaving it velvety soft and fresh. After the Comfort Spa Cleopatra treatment, feel the pleasantly scented silky skin, like Cleopatra once was - for a youthful complexion.

25 minutes € 39,-
Beauty pack with the oil of the evening primrose

The oil of the evening primrose comes from its ripe seeds.
It contains many essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins and is rich in unsaturated fatty acids. Omega-3-acids are known to be very good for the skin and have been used for years in the treatment of skin irritations and neurodermatitis. In particular the gamma-linolen acid is of high importance for the build-up of the skin. The natural protection of the skin is increased.

Beauty packs with the oil of the evening primrose support the circulation, activate your metabolism and have an anti-aging effect.

25 minutes € 39,-
Sea salt compress

Sea salt is known to be detoxing, body toning and regenerative. The treatment reaches its full effect through the use of a complete body compress.
Your skin is toned and refreshed.

25 minutes € 37,-


Alpine herbal bath

This is a speciality. The bath is enriched with high-quality herbs such as lavender and lemon balm. The power of those herbs is fully released through the warm water and makes you feel relaxed.

25 minutes 1 person € 35,-
  2 persons € 49,-
Heavenly goat’s milk bath

The milk of goats is full of minerals, vitamins and moisturizers that guarantee a relaxing and skin-caring bath.
In order to achieve the best result your skin is dabbed carefully afterwards.

25 minutes 1 person € 35,-
  2 persons € 49,-
Milk-honey-beauty pack

Baths with milk and honey extracts have been considered a special quality care elixir since ancient times.

Give yourself the natural feeling of gentle care. Caresses body and senses!

25 minutes 1 person € 35,-
  2 persons € 49,-
East tyrolean bubble bath with mountain pine

Pure relaxation!

The mountain pine is commonly known as "mountain blessing" and this name tells you about its effects.
Uplift… for body and soul.

25 minutes 1 person € 35,-
  2 persons € 49,-
Beer bath in our whirlpool - comes with a small beer

Ancient knowledge from the monasteries.

Taking a beer bath is an extraordinary experience that works wonders for your metabolism. Malt, barley and hop contain many vitamins, minerals and trace elements that have the effect of being balancing, emotionally elevating, skin caring, nourishing and cell activating.

25 minutes 1 person € 39,-
  2 persons € 53,-
Aroma oil bath

Sensual symphony!

Ethereal oils are used in combination with basic oils. Depending on the type of oil the aroma bath is either relaxing, vitalising, energizing or refreshing.
Surrounded by wonderful aromas you will experience a great bath.

25 minutes 1 person € 39,-
  2 persons € 53,-

"Alpienne Special"

- peelings & spa special treatments

Herbal peeling

With selected herbs and goat milk - frees the skin from dead skin cells and stimulates increased regeneration - for a soft and smooth skin.

25 minutes € 42,-
Natural salt & oil peeling

The salt of the Dead Sea works with the power of various minerals and trace elements.
Clogged skin pores are opened and freed from talc deposits.
The skin feels soft and youthful.

25 minutes € 42,-
Kurland Immediate Beauty

Face treatment with immediate effect for women

Freshness, vitality, pure relaxation, immediately visible - by using herbal serum of the Kurland brand and special Chinese massage techniques.
Purification, Chinese Facial Bath - Akkupressure massage, Peeling, Toning, intense beauty care, Mask.

In addition a warm hay beauty pack on your belly is used to create an atmosphere of pure relaxation.

45 minutes € 69,-
Kurland Immediate PerforMANce

Facial treatment for men.

Success and pressure at work are common issues today. Men are always on the go and there is hardly any time to relax. You can’t really avoid stress showing in your facial features.
Immediate Performance is a facial treatment for successful men of today. In only a short period you will regain a feeling of revitalization and vitality.
Afterwards you will feel totally relaxed.

45 minutes € 69,-
PERMANENT CONTOUR - the new world of stamp massages

Feel, experience, marvel...

In these special massages for face and body with steamed stamps, the valuable active ingredients are gently and specifically applied to the deeper skin layers. The treatments are perfectly rounded off with the matching special oils and ingredients rich in active ingredients. Pure natural products are used.

Permanent Contour face

...for a balanced, relaxed and smooth skin

Specially developed massage techniques for the facial & décolleté area with various stamp fillings. This warm massage technique gives your skin a pleasant, relaxed and soft feeling.

30 minutes € 49,-
Permanent Contour Slim line

...for immaculate legs

With warm soap foam, a unique massage technique, refreshing oils and tingling ice bags, this treatment is a real freshness kick for tired and flaccid legs.

25 minutes € 48,-
Old India full body - stamp massage

...for deep relaxation and inner peace

This modern full body stamp massage is a true experience for the senses. With steamed herbal stamps from pure natural products you experience a completely new kind of relaxation and a great skin feeling. Tensions are released and bring a comforting long lasting relaxation for the whole body.

50 minutes € 69,-

Spa packages

- for full relaxation

Milk & honey

Peeling according to your choice and subsequent milk-honey bath.

50 minutes € 69,-
Velvet & silk

Peeling after your choice and following evening primrose oil packing on the floating bed.

50 minutes € 72,-
Relaxed & beautiful

Peeling according to your choice and subsequent oil massage.

50 minutes € 72,-
Time out for you

* sea salt wrap
* aroma oil massage and vital drink

70 minutes € 92,-
Time out for HIM

* hay pack
* full body massage

70 minutes € 89,-
Spa test package

* classic back massage
* foot reflexology with hay sack
* aroma oil bath - symphony of the senses for women or
* beer bath in the whirlpool for men

  € 99,-
Heavenly pampering package for two

First get yourself in the mood by relaxing in the infrared cabin. Then a freshly prepared peeling mixture consisting of local Alpine herbs such as lavender, marigold, camomile, peppermint and a hint of rose, mixed with the „white gold” and exclusive oils. Your skin will love it!


Relax with the power and the scent of the Alps. Close your eyes and imagine lying in the midst of a meadow full of wonderfully scented Alpine herbs. Along with that you can enjoy a glass of sparkly wine.

Duration: 80 minutes € 179,-
Blessing of the mountains (1-2 persons)

With soft but strong natural bristles your body is massaged from your feet upwards with vertical and rotating moves. It activates both circulation and metabolism and helps to get rid of waste products. Through the re-distribution of the blood into the periphery you will feel enormously relaxed with a cosy warm feeling accompanying the treatment. That way your skin is perfectly prepared to take in the mountain pine.

Feel at one with yourself being surrounded by water with specially added essences that make you forget about the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The mountain pine is locally known as „mountain blessing” and its name already reveals why it is used. Along with this treatment you are served an assorted plate of fruit. Uplift…for body and soul.
Afterwards you will relax in the waterbed.

Duration: 1 person 60 min. € 79,-
Duration: 2 persons 80 min. € 145,-

The "Pfleger-Refugium"

- sauna, steam bath, relaxation room & garden

The following facilities are at your disposal:

Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna is one of the most traditional types of sweating and has been used over thousands of years. The temperature is between 85 and 88 degrees with very low humidity

A regular use of the sauna helps you cleanse your body from damaging acids. Combined with some sports activity and a healthy diet it works wonders.

Roman steam bath

Steam baths were already very popular with the ancient Romans. The steam bath has a temperature of approx. 45-50 degrees and a humidity of almost 100%. These are perfect conditions for revitalising your body. A treat at our steam bath is good for your skin, hair and the respiratory organs.

As guests of our hotel you may use both the Finnish sauna and the Roman steam bath for free.

Fresh air room & relaxation area

The use of the Finnish sauna, the Roman steam bath as well as the relaxation area is free of charge for our hotel guests.


Suntanned skin symbolises health, vitality and well-being.
What goes for the real sun, however, is important to keep in mind here as well, use it in moderation.

Jetons are available at the reception.

20 minutes € 8,-
5 x 20 minutes € 35,-
Our garden

Enjoy the wonderful mountain air in our spacious garden after your wellness treatment.